Monday, February 4, 2013


  It's a bit hard to realize your own potential when all you see in yourself and your life is lack. Lack of talent, luck, connections, time, opportunities, experience, money, character, patience, etc. Although you can be guided by your lack, you can't really move forward when you're focused on what you don't have. Potential (your potential!) is something that is already given to you, something that you already have or that you can easily reach.

 When I was still a student, I decided to take exams at the best academy of art where I could study fashion designing. I was scared like hell, still wondering if I should try or not, maybe my works are so poor that I'll make a fool of myself, etc. One of my friends told me then something so simple and so obvious, but also something very revealing for me in that moment: "Marta, that academy is for human beings, you know? Normal people study there!".

  I took those exams. I didn't get in, but I was very close. Very close to something that I imagined is impossible for me to achieve. And studying there suddenly stopped to be so important, I was proudly thinking to myself "Girl, you got it!!!". You also already have everything that you need for now. You have your idea, strength, plan, ambition, resolution, support, talent, dream, resources. So go and get them! ;)  

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