Thursday, February 7, 2013

Left behind

  Everyday is a mosaic of various thoughts, impressions, flickers. Compilation of spoken words, people passed on the streets, steps and moves, inhaling and exhaling, minute after minute, hour after hour. Little details, short moments that will drown in the river of life. How to protect them from oblivion? Is it worth to protect them from it? Or is it possible? I think I realized for the first time that my life is passing and eventually one day I'll pass away too.

  Brrrr, is it cloudy weather or need for Spring making me so melancholic? Coffee with a pinch of cinnamon + Happy Endings didn't help, now I'm trying out jasmine tea + Chopin music. But it's not really helping me with shaking off the feeling that all that I'll leave behind will be box of sketchbooks and agendas with  old bus/train/museum tickets glued inside.

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