Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Broken plate and Gossip Girl Lesson

 It takes me time to try out things that people go crazy with. I'm waiting in the shadow, pretending that I'm not that into smartphones, tablets, fresh trends and hot places. In fact, I'm waiting for the first dust to fall, first enthusiasm to fade, so I can safely, knowing already pros and cons, basing on others experiences and knowledge-form my opinion, try things myself, like them or not.

 And so I got into tv shows. After my the best of the best Glee, New Girl, Revenge, Happy Endings, Sex and the City- the time for Gossip Girl has come!  Probably I'm not the only one forming my before-falling-asleep thoughts into prayer like this: "I want this kind of life! Those dresses!!! But please save me from all those intrigues, that's too much for me!" And so I'm waking up and there's no Dorota bringing my tiny fruity breakfast on silver tray, there's no chauffeur in white gloves welcoming me while holding the door of my private limo, I don't have life biggest decision everyday "Chanel or Gucci?" but I also don't have all those intrigues and need of the spotlights to be on me. 

 No, wait... Intrigues happen sometimes, but a better word for them is misunderstandings. Sometimes just life or me myself have the allergy to keep the things simple. Some words are said, some things are done, some actions taken or not. Can all be forgiven and forgotten? Here comes the broken plate lesson, looked up on a friend's fb wall (I hope I remember it correctly): throw a plate on the floor. Done. Did it break? Yes. Now put it back together. Is it still the same plate?

 Let me leave you tonight with this slightly bitter question. And so I'll stay with it myself. 

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