Sunday, April 14, 2013

Shoe shock!

  The whole city was staring at my shoes today. Ok, at least 89% of people that were passing me on the streets. That felt weird and embarrassingly. I didn't see them as extravagant pair, ok, maybe colorful, but extravagant? Come on, just some navy blue suede with red shoe laces. Have no one in this (capitol) city seen anything much more extraordinary? ;) 

  This shoe shock that I unintentionally caused today made me think about how really free we are in wearing what we want? If we completely don't give a damn about trends in fashion, it's not ok. If we are following fashion carefully- it's not ok. If we have a style that differs from the majority- it's not ok. What's ok then? To dress not too fancy, not too extravagant, not too cheap, not too old-fashioned, not too trendy and for God's sake, don't you ever try to look different than the crowd! 

  Some people were probably laughing at my shoes, some of them were smiling at me, like they wanted to say "Cool shoes!", some of them were just noticing something unusual in the place were usually people wear shoes. And I was walking, and I was somewhere between doubting my shoe-choice and being proud of it, and I decided to try the Sex & the City attitude "Stop this drama girl! You're fabulous!". It's crazy to care about others (especially strangers in the streets) opinions about how you look. If you like something- enjoy it! And cause shoe, dress, hair or make-up shock, why not! At least something interesting will happen on the streets and people will have what to talk about :)

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