Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Introvert's confession

 "Hi, I'm Marta, I'm an introvert." The most colorful and exciting moments of my life are happening in my head, I'm defending borders of my comfort zone and I prefer to listen than to talk. I like to go out from time to time, not each night or each weekend. I'm blushing when I see that someone is giving me his all attention. But in my own world? In my own world I am the Queen, I am the Ruler and the Star that outside my head wears introvert's disguise. In my head I'm wearing the most fabulous dresses, having the most craziest adventures and telling the most interesting stories. In reality most of my clothes are "a little too..." (big, small, old, worn out), the adventures are few and not that spectacular (or maybe it's me that can't describe them in spectacular way?) and the stories? The stories are stored in the magazines of my memory, forgotten, waiting for better times, for better me. 

  Some people would be surprise while reading this but it's only because they're probably even bigger introverts than me. And, as a master of Introvert Art, I'm showing to the world my well played Extrovert Face. Two biggest introvert's pleasures are: to go to his inner Musing Temple and to be among friends who accept him exactly as he is.

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  1. I don't get what's wrong with being introvert. I mean, as long as it goes well with you.