Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Working Girl

 After a 'while' of being unemployed, I'm coming back (quite gladly) into routine of labour. When I'm working, I'm dreaming of more free days. But when I'm free for too long, I miss day filled with duties and the feeling of doing something productive. It's hard to satisfy a woman, isn't it? ;)

 I have few more days to enjoy sleeping long, late breakfasts, no make-up, comfy clothes and all the other unprofessional behaviors. Few more days without thinking what to wear and what to eat the next day at work. Looking through fashion magazines (and while watching Sex & the City episodes), I'm trying to find perfect outfits for future myself cruising down the corridors with  V.I.P. (Very Important Papers), clicking passionately on keyboard of my staff computer or trying to find the most professional tone of my voice while doing business on the phone. Will I convince myself to wear high heels more than five times a year?

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