Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Comme des garcons


 Time for a little confession. Guys are OK. Even cool sometimes ;) Last post was about valuable things about kids, this time- boys, boys, boys ( I'm looking for a good time!). If there would exist something like Life Market, selling different character features etc., I'd grab my basket and went straight to men section with this shopping list in my hand:

 -unconcern for others opinion and reactions (minimum 2 jars)
 -easiness (as much as you can carry)
 -computer skills (take some of the technological ones too)
 -turbo digestion (don't exaggerate, it comes with big appetite)
 -muscle strength (arms and belly, enough)

  Uff! I found everything-enough of testosterone. Now lets check out the sales on female part! ;)

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