Friday, July 4, 2014

Retail therapy?

 We all know the Hollywood picture of a  girl with a broken heart, having a bad day or simply  being a New Yorker - clicking on a sidewalk with her high heels, carrying colorful paper bags filled with clothes. Yep, so called "retail therapy". There's a little detail in this retail thing- it doesn't ease  the aching woman's soul for long (especially if your common sense has perfect memory for prices). And btw, isn't it better to try on a dress when you feel good and at peace with yourself, not when you're an emotional mess?

 Picture from yesterday: I was coming back from the city, feeling so-so with more of negative taste. Sun was hidden behind thick clouds, suddenly it got  windy and cold. "Mhhm, maybe some shopping will make me feel better and bring back good mood?" I went into one store, then window-shopped in few others, but it didn't give the thrill or sense that I was seeking. Then I stopped in front of an art gallery. Poster looked appealing and I decided to step in. There was an exhibition of abstract, subtly-colored pieces that reminded me Japanese calligraphy works. My mind had a chance to detach from all the everyday thoughts that run trough it, in a silent and ascetic interior of the gallery. 

 That's what we need more than another dress- space and moments for our thoughts to take new directions.  

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