Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Childish roots

(This collage contains illustration made by somebody else)

  I'm definitely getting old(er). I'm catching myself on thinking way too often "When I was a child...". I promised myself to spend less time surfing on the internet  and I was thinking how did I spend my free time in the pre-internet era. Hmm... Drawing, reading, lots of long walks. I'm longing for those simply activities now. I'm longing for the times, when it was so natural to spend all evening with the book, to just take out paper and pencil, to meet with best friend for a long walk (that equaled long talk). Now those activities are just another things that I'm juggling with, thinking nervously how to balance work, dreams and reality, finding time for everything, everybody and not forgetting about myself. Maybe time to ask my Inner Child what's in plans for tonight? ;)

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