Saturday, September 7, 2013

What a mess!

 A little bit about a mess today. Why? Because I'm facing post-moved-in difficulties like tons of dust, old weird stuff left by previous tenants, spider webs (omg, probably spiders too, but I'm pushing this fact far and deep into my subconscious), etc, etc. A lot of new smells and sounds- I didn't expect from myself to be so sensitive with that but it looks like we get used to familiar sounds and smells and with time they make us feel safe. 

 But the mess lesson is that: the mess won't get less unless you'll start to clean it up. Little by little, step by step, litter by litter. And I mean here a mess outside and inside yourself. Material and emotional. Unless you take conscious action- the mess won't get smaller. And you know what's the best in this cleaning up? That mess covers some beautiful things and you will reveal them :)

 Ok Ladies & Gentlemen! I'm grabbing cloth in my hand now! Time to clean up some mess here! :) 

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