Wednesday, July 17, 2013

No jeans, no life?

 Exactly a year ago I threw away my last pair of trousers . I never expected it's actually possible to survive this long without a favorite pair of  jeans! But turned out-it is. My doubts were like: ok, but what about winter? It'll be freaking cold, Girl! And jeans are just so easy to wear, whatever You'll put on top, will look good! But skirts? Bleeh, You need to have proper shoes, tops, tights, not mentioning always perfectly shaved legs! 

 After almost a year I decided to give trousers a second chance, especially that my sister did some spring cleaning of her wardrobe and wanted to get rid of one pair. So I adopted them, and guess what happened? I was completely lost with how to wear them. What to mix them with? What shoes would be the best to wear with them? Suddenly trousers became a problematic piece of cloth! Those once safe, simple and obvious ones! I have a feeling like I'm moving differently in trousers, that I feel different in them. And I do miss my skirts and dresses... So as history likes to repeat, I'll say the same as a year ago...

Bye bye, trousers!

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