Monday, December 17, 2012


  There must be something that differs common novels with the ones that become classic. And I don't mean here bestsellers that New York Times described as "Amazing book!" but books that take place in canon of literature.
  There must be something that differs one movies from another. Some of them won Oscar prize but it's not the distinction that I'm talking about here. I mean the movies that stay in the global memory as good, valuable ones. 
  There must be something that differs people. Of course except the obvious outer shell. Some of them stay unnoticeable while some we remember all our lives. 

 Nowadays everyone can be a writer, painter, photographer, designer, actor, someone famous. It's a huge privilege of our times but also a curse. Privilege because  you don't need to graduate from a prestigious university to be accepted as a talented man. Curse because it's harder to distinct who's real creator and who "just" has skills.

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