Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Beginning obsession

 Oh yes, I have (at least) one obsession- I'm obsessed with beginning. I love New Year's Eves- month before I know my resolutions. I love books- each one promises something, at least one sentence, that will change my way of thinking. Life can't just pass in one piece, I'm finding almost sadistic pleasure in cutting it into pieces: here's beggining, here's the end of some stage, period, adventure, mood, of some version of me, now it's time for update. All the pieces of my life inserted carefully in proper boxes, each one tagged- Ordnung muss sein
  All this work with cutting, tagging, segregating...is useless. My life it's still in one piece. What was before brought me to the point I'm standing now. It's better to leave it as a huge braid made of coincidences- maybe a little tangled, but the effect is amazing!

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