Thursday, September 4, 2014

Evolution vs. Revolution

I live quite some time on this planet and I have the privilege of looking 2, 5, 10, 17 and more years back  (omg, I'm so old!). I witnessed government change, borders disappearing, fashion trends fading and having great come-backs, cities changing, etc. (again: I'm so old!). In what way all that is influencing me?

Changes are inevitable, especially from the personal growth point of view, but they can happen slowly (evolution) or they can happen suddenly (revolution). History, biology, fashion - every area of life is affected by these two categories of changes. On some things I can work my entire life (or those things are working on me), trying step by step to build better life, but some things come like a thunder. It can be one book, picture, one thought that gets stuck in your brain forever, radiating on everything you do.

 I love the changes of personal style in fashion-recreating yourself every time you feel like it, every time the fashion impulse strikes. Completely new haircut is an evolution, while working on your unique way of dressing comes with your inner evolution.

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