Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Late Bloom

 There's a flowers stall right next to the entrance of a metro station I exit and enter everyday when I go and come back from work. Stall popped up with the beginning of first sunny and warmer day and till then it offers variety of flowers. The merchandise is changing almost every week- whatever nature produces at given time, stall offers. From tiny snowdrops announcing Spring, to deep blue cornflowers that remind me of fields of gold from middle of the Summer. I love the variety of colors, shapes and scents and it makes me think about people.

 We bloom in different ways and times. Queen of your prom can be now quite an ordinary girl, while the guy that always stayed in the shadow, is a great successful person. I think that people start blooming when they discover they are their own gardeners. When they understand that they are the ones to water, cultivate, seed, take care.

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