Sunday, May 4, 2014

Day after day, time after time

 Did it happen to you- you saw a cool-looking store or pub and you promised yourself to come and check it out later? You come back "later" and that place no longer exists. Well, the place still exists but now it's groceries or hairdresser there... 

 Or few weeks ago I had situation like this- I was checking out some magazines with sewing patterns, to find a model I wanted to sew. When I looked at the first of the magazines that I purchased, I realized I bought it over 10 years ago (and I sewed my first dress a year ago...)! 

 When you can count time of your life in tens of years, you suddenly realize how much of it you wasted on promising yourself different things to do, buy, learn, make. And how very few of them materialized.

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  1. W życiu na wszystko przychodzi odpowiedni czas i pora jeśli się ma marzenia - potrzeba serca zwycięża :) "Uspokój się, nie goń i nie przejmuj się aż tak przyszłością!" moje motto na aktualne czasy! pozdrawiam:*