Sunday, April 26, 2015

11/2015 / Fifty shades of grey reality

 After unsuccessful attempt to read the book, I decided to give a try to the "Fifty shades of Grey" movie. This time I managed to finish it, but instead of horny, it made me pissed of. Why? Because it's a poorly written modern fairytale about completely ordinary girl and a completely extraordinary guy, who happens to be crazy about her. Oh, did I mentioned that he's a danger to her and she's such a virgin (literally), that's attracted to him like a moth to a flame? (add a vampire part here and it's Twilight saga all over again)

 I get it- how cool and easy life would be to be seduced by a handsome guy, who's 27, awfully rich, self-confident, decisive, totally into you, playing the piano, buying you perfect car and perfect expensive dresses, taking you for a wild rides with one of his cars/helicopters? The fact that he's into SM (or a vampire) is just a tiny little detail, because she'll change him with her love.

 And after getting high on such a dreamy story, your own life seems so awfully grey. Boyfriend (if any) is just as normal as you. No helicopters - metro, bus or a car that misses it's mechanic again. No designers' dresses that magically fit you perfectly - if you're lucky, you'll fit a little mall shopping into your monthly budget. No one will take a charge of your life and change it over the night - that's all on you. 


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