Monday, October 13, 2014

Little too little

  Are you living your life to the fullest? And what this slogan actually mean? Did you  ever had the feeling of the fullness of life? I remember one sunny summer day, when I was going somewhere with the train, looking outside the window, and right in that moment I experienced a pure bliss. So unforgettable, that I'm writing about it after few years passed away. And there was nothing extraordinary about that moment. I traveled by train a lot. I'm used to a sunny and warm summers. Just a day like every other day. But so remarkable.

 There are meetings, movies or parties that make you wanna open your arms wide and grasp as much in this lifetime as possible. And yet, for most of our lifetimes, we focus on the things that are least important, we want too little from life, just to follow the path the others followed already. But you know what they say- love is for the lucky and the brave. Trust your luck, overcome your fear, want more from life- and you shall receive!

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