Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Myth of a mall

  I'm starting to be mall-ophobic, seriously! It started when I was working in a jewelery store in one of those shopping centers and I hated that job. I felt caught in a box with loud music, without fresh air and sunlight. Merchandise that usually looks so appealing, always comes in huge boxes from China, looking more like potatoes than pair of "precious" earrings. Yeah, about the "precious" part... Malls are all about volume, not value. Quantity, not quality. 

 And this myth of unique clothes. Yes, very unique mass production. In fact you overpay for cheap rags pretending to be high class fashion. You overpay, Chinese or Indian workers are on the edge of poverty,  stuff from the chain stores ain't earning a fortune. Where the money goes? 

 Try out small boutiques. Second-hands. Young designers. Vintage. Make a s-mall change.

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