Sunday, December 22, 2013

Scroll you!

 I woke up one morning way before my alarm clock. My thoughts were spinning around my brain and I couldn't stop them or at least slow them down. I wasn't awake nor sleeping, in that weird state of consciousness when you're not sure it's for real. It felt like my brain was a facebook wall and I was blankly scrolling it down, through random, mostly useless images, sentences, information. 

 Trust me, waking up from overabundance of brain impulses can be as scary as nightmare. For the first time I got scared that my brain has a separate life and I cannot control it. Or did I overstimulated it? How different it is to read a book, when you have to focus; while scrolling down your facebook/web pages/pinterest/etc. you constantly distract yourself.

 I'm longing for some high quality moment with good literature, and guess what... I'm sharing this with you where...on the internet!

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