Sunday, June 2, 2013

Happy PINK Year!

  Those who check my FB fanpage knew earlier that yesterday I was celebrating beginning of a New Agenda Year. My little personal tradition is to create agenda: to put dates, numbers, divide pages, decorate pages separating months, leave enough space for notes, etc. Usually my agenda year starts and ends different than the regular calendar year. This time one of my New Years begun together with June and its leitmotif is La vie en rose. What does it mean? Well, La vie en rose year is about all those little pleasures:

-fresh flowers on the table 
-celebrating thick fashion magazines
-baking muffins and sweet tarts
-enjoying every single dose of caffeine
-spending time on picnics, lazy moments on a balcony, playing board games
-reading books, watching movies, listening to music (all preferably French)
-learning French (Will I finally find the motivation? :D)     

 Of course I can do all that without creating whole philosophy, but isn't in nicer with  one? ;)

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